GOT – Game of Thrones, one of the greatest dramatic Television series of the past 50 years according to my experiences.  What makes a Television series great; is it the scope and breadth of the production; is it the quality of the script and the acting; is it the twists and turns of a great plot or is it all of these things.  I enjoyed GOT for all these things and many more, not to mention the blood and guts of the episodes, the sense of raw uncivilized human culture of the perceived historical period in which the story was set. What do you think, simpler, brutal, lawless – Cerci or lawful – Eddard? How do you measure and assess today’s culture against that presented in GOT. Can you identify the Cerci(s) and dragons today?  Are these days better days where we have a more civilized society of human beings? Feel free to share your thoughts regarding GOT and today’s dragons.

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